Costa Blanca Video Production 1 corporate-video-production-valencia-spain In The Wind Festival Finalist documentary-production-service Shark Central Official Selection My Video Production, Shark Central directed, edited and produced by me, was selected for Awareness Festival & Green Screen Festival. Let me show you what I can do for your video production.

Video Production Services

Costa Blanca video production services. I am a video producer and editor, living in Spain, near Alicante. I specialise in all aspects of video production and post production services. I have worked with clients from all over Spain. From Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Alicante and all along the Costa Blanca coastline. I also have UK based video production and post production clients. From London to Leeds and Yorkshire.

My video productions have also taken me to other parts of the world. From Mexico and China, to video shoots in Dubai and Morocco to name a few.

My Philosophy is simple:

I can deliver a quality video production. From a You Tube “How To”, to a complete video documentary production. I can get it done for you. All budgets considered.


I am happy to work with both large and small businesses, no matter the size of your budget. Many clients with smaller budgets can feel intimidated when approaching a production company. For this reason, I am available to work as an individual on a project with a smaller budget.

On bigger productions, I work with various media companies. Specialising in all aspects of production, postproduction and output. No matter the size of your budget. I will always make sure I deliver a quality-finished project beyond your expectations.

 I am happy to work with both large and small businesses, no matter the size of your budget. Many clients with smaller budgets can feel a little intimidated when approaching a production company. For this reason, I am available to work as an individual on a project with a smaller budget.
On bigger productions, which require a team, I am affiliated with various media companies specialising in all aspects of production, postproduction and output. No matter the size of your budget I will always make sure I deliver a quality-finished video production beyond your expectations.

Costa Blanca Video Production can help with SEO

Do you know that You Tube is now the second most used search engine in the world after Google? If you don’t have a presence there, then you could be missing out on many more potential customers. Whether you want to post a viral video. You want to build an online presence with a You Tube channel. Or you simply want the videos from your website to appear on YouTube, I would love to help!

As a cameraman I have been involved in many projects. My footage has been used in many productions, most recently on The US based Discovery Channel. Two video productions I have worked on have been selected for film festivals around the globe. Including as a semi-finalist in the Elche International Independent Film Festival and The Green Screen Film Festival in Germany.

Another of my recent projects was filming, photographing and editing “The Nyman Sessions”. Which took place in Palma De Mallorca. The Academy award-winner,  Michael Nyman was recording two of his new symphonies. I also have extensive postproduction experience. From simple promos, using only photos & text, You Tube “How To’s,”. To full documentaries & multi camera live concert editing.

I undertake all aspects of video production and video post-production. From a You Tube “How To”, to a complete video documentary production. Check out my services for a brief list of what I can do. Feel free to get in touch to tailor your specific needs. I can get it done for you. All budgets considered.

Post Production Services

Post production is as important or even more important than a video production. A professional post production service will give your video production the WOW factor. That is why I have teamed up with Carlos Feyder, an industry specialist working with top production companies.

He is a Senior Video Editor, Post Production Specialist – at VMLY&R. A love of film and story telling has led him on an amazing and satisfying career path, specialising in post production but in love with all aspects of the film industry.

The ability to assemble all the moving parts of a story, refine them and polish it up into a finished product is the main driving force behind his love of post production. From offline to colour grade, every part of the process is a chance to refine the story and realise the vision of all the people involved in bringing the film to life.

Post Production Services Showreel

My video production services

An overview of my Costa Blanca Video Production Services

video production services

I have produced numerous documentaries. Contact me and we can go over your script and start planning the production. For larger budget productions, I am affiliated with various production and postproduction companies.

costa blanca video production
Promotional Videos

Promotional videos are a key element of any successful business, often integrated into their website. I specialise in all stages of the production, edit and output. Whether you need a presenter in a studio, high quality location filming or graphics, titles or a voiceover, I can help. I work with small and large businesses, and private individuals.

video production costa blanca spain
Event Videos

Event Videos on the Costa Blanca is a great way to maximise the value of your PR event. What might otherwise be a flash in the pan event becomes an enduring promotional tool.

video production costa blanca spain
Training Videos

I have produced training videos for numerous clients including Spooner industries and Ne Build London. I can deliver video for use on mobile devices including tablets, desktop PC’s, ready for projection on a screen for a seminar to online learning platforms or for interactive DVD’s.

costa blanca video production
TV Commercials

TV commercials come in all shapes and sizes. They do not need not be huge budget productions. I can offer to produce commercials for you to the same high standard, on an affordable budget.

corporate video production
Post Production

I offer a full postproduction service, I can edit your video, add titles and 3d graphics, professional voice over and soundtrack, and basically I can enhance any video. Completed videos can be outputted to the format of your choice, from Full HD to a You Tube ready video.

My Video Production Portfolio

My video production portfolio. Most of the videos were produced on the Costa Blanca in Spain or in the UK. Get hold of me if you are interested in getting a video production done. No matter the size of your budget.

Gran H Hotel – Altea Alcante

A Costa Blanca video production and post production service for a bespoke construction and design company specialising in niche projects. This was a complete renovation of a hotel. The client briefed my by showing me a few “architectural” promotional videos done by leading architects. The challenge in this video production was the limited space, as this is a boutique hotel, with a small reception area and fairly narrow corridors. The lounge area has a reasonably low ceiling, this is a period building and the renovation was more of a restoration, keeping most of the original details and features.

Joshua Ellis Cashmere Yorkshire

It was an absolute pleasure working with the team at Joshua Ellis on a video production. They are a world famous bespoke manufacturer of cashmere in Yorkshire UK. I had complete creative freedom during production, filming and in post production. The history of Joshua Ellis, made it really clear to me from the start how to color grade the video for output. I was also contracted to photograph the factory and the manufacturing process. The video and photos were to be used on their new website, which was recently launched and to say I am pleased with the results is an understatement.

Adda Simfonica - National Orchestra Alicante

Samuel Barber – Adagio for Strings

A rehearsal I recorded in Alicante National Auditorium. Performed by the ADDA Symphonic Orchestra. A four camera production and post production service. The final video was used on their social media channels to promote the concert and the orchestra.

Shark Central Documentary Production

SHARK CENTRAL examines the link between the dramatic rise in shark attacks and increase in shark activity and the ever expanding cage diving business. I wrote, directed, filmed and edited the video by myself. It was completely self-funded. It was a finalist in the Awareness Film Festival 2017 and officially selected for the 2019 Green Screen Festival 

PS Websitedesign Ilkley UK - Promotional Video

A text only video promoting the importance of a quality handcrafted website. No music or audio was used, the video is text driven with a strong call to action. One of my first projects using After Effects and modifying an existing project. My client purchased the text creator template (commonly known as a typography theme) on Themeforest. They supplied me the text that they wanted to use, as well as the font and hex codes for the text colours.  All in all, a fun way to get to know a bit about typography and using this in After Effects. I am not a massive fan of templates, but if you look at the video produced, the time it would take to create all the text movements to make the video dynamic and captivating for the viewer would at least quadruple the time it would take to finish the project, and subsequently this would change the project from a “budget” production to one quite pricey.

It was a valuable insight into how one can promote a product or service, with a limited budget using only words…

In The Wind - Video Production Service Valencia

In The Wind (Cuando El Viento), an ambitious, creative video production and post production project by Manuel Collado a hairdresser from the MacoMaco Group in Valencia Spain. This video production has done incredibly well on the short film festival circuit, including as a semi finalist in the Elche International Film Festival. I was in charge of all the camera work, as well as the editing (post production) and output. A big budget video production that took around a month to film, it was shot in film studios in Valencia and on location in Moraira, a picturesque cove on the Mediterranean. This video production proved very successful for the client and opened many doors for him in the world of hairdressing and beauty. He currently represents a big name in the hairdressing industry and is flown around the world to promote their product.

Happy Customers


Chris is now responsible for turning my ideas into coherent reality as well as being responsible for all the photography and video that we use on our website. The results, both visually and commercially, have been amazing and the return on my initial investment has been phenomenal..I cannot recommend Chris highly enough both as an individual and as a professional photographer and cameraman..

Hugo Cheston

CEO - NE Build London

We used Chris as a video journalist on our World Orchestra tour of China. The quality of his videos that were streamed for our website were superb and gave us great publicity. He filmed, edited and produced the work under immense pressure, but always managed to deliver on time.

Josep Vicent

Artistic Director - ADDA Alicante