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conservation photography

Photographing wildlife: a lion sanctuary

Photographing wildlife for a conservation project. I have always held the belief that we humans need to conserve our environment before it is too late. When I heard about the plight of GG Conservation, a lion sanctuary in South Africa, I jumped at the possibility to offer my services to this very important sanctuary.They are currently running a crowdfunding campaign, here is a bit about them: Glen Garriff (GG) Conservation is a lion sanctuary for lions in need in South Africa. We provide an environment where our animals can live in safety, be treated with the compassion and respect they deserve, free of abuse and persecution. Thousand’s of Lions are held worldwide in captivity, many in appalling circumstances. According to IFAW in the US alone It’s been estimated...

Event Photography - photographing Michael Nyman 1

Event Photography – photographing Michael Nyman

[caption id="attachment_4488" align="alignleft" width="800"] The recording studio setup[/caption]                Event photography at its best. It was a real pleasure to be invited to photograph and create a visual archive of the recording sessions of Symphony # 2 and 5. Composed by the academy award winning Michael Nyman. Photographing the recording process was a real inspiration for me, shooting everything from the sound engineers, to the meetings between the musicians and Michael Nyman.I also had the privilege to be invited to photograph the premiere of his new symphonies.  The World Orchestra conducted by Josep Vicent managed to record these two symphonies in record time. Recently Charles Padley, the record label manger contacted me for permission to use eight of my photographs for the album: Michael Nyman Symphonies. Of...

youtube for marketing

YouTube for marketing

Do you know that You Tube is now the second most used search engine in the world after Google? If you don’t have a presence there, then you could be missing out on many more potential customers. Whatever your video marketing strategy is I can help. Whether you want to post a viral video, you want to build an online presence with a YouTube channel or you just want the videos from your website to appear on YouTube, get in touch. Youtube for marketingA classical concert recorded by me performed by The World Orchestra - this is a great example of a viral video. At most a few thousand attended this event. Even though this concert was only recorded with a single static camera, using the...

music video production

Music video production and post production

Budget multi camera music video production and post production service. I was recently contracted by the ADDA Auditorium (National Auditorium of Alicante Spain) to record a promotional video of a short piece they were performing during rehearsals: Samuel Barber Adagio for Strings. They had recently invested an advertising campaign to coincide with the launch of their new resident orchestra the “ADDA Simfònica” and requested that this be a budget video production.Music Video Production: Adda Simfonica I shot using multiple cameras, and also edited the video. As always the “director’s cut” is slightly different to the final version, so here is my take on the piece.Feel free to contact me for any video production and post production services, remember all budgets considered…...

nature documentary

Nature Documentary

Producing a nature documentary for free. I find when working in the media industry, as a photographer, video producer, one always has down time. Here and there a few free days where you can only relax and have so many coffee’s before you start crawling up the walls! What I do is try and get involved with a worthwhile cause. For me living on the Med in Spain, obviously this is going to influence whet I get involved in.I have quite a few water sport enthusiasts as friends and we met one afternoon to talk about how nobody seemed to care about a local marine reserve.I teamed up with a group of environmentalists working on trying to protect the sea life from abuse by tourists...