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Innovations in Wedding Photography

Innovations in Wedding Photography From Drones to Virtual Reality The Costa Blanca in Spain is blessed with stunning weather and has amazing weddings locations. If you are one of the many Costa Blanca wedding photographers, you need to offer something extra to stay ahead of the game. Whereas immortal styles persist, innovative photographers are using new technology to capture the the special day in extraordinary ways. This article explores a few of the foremost exciting advancements transforming wedding photography, from drone photography and video to immersive virtual reality: Taking Flight with Drones Gone are the days of static, ground-level photos. Drone photography offers breathtaking ethereal views, exhibiting the greatness of the setting, clearing landscapes, and capturing the complete guest get-together in a single frame. Imagine an inspiring scene...


Aerial Video now an affordable reality

Until very recently, aerial video production was only available to big budget productions and large companies. The compact quadcopter started a revolution in aerial creativity and remains the top choice for production companies, video and photographic specialists worldwide. You can now have a photographic or video production, which is comparable to the quality commercials seen on prime time television. Video Production; Altea Golf Club This is a promotional video I did for Altea Golf Club my first ever drone video production. Feel free to contact me if you have and aerial video you would like produced....