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Innovations in Wedding Photography

Innovations in Wedding Photography From Drones to Virtual Reality The Costa Blanca in Spain is blessed with stunning weather and has amazing weddings locations. If you are one of the many Costa Blanca wedding photographers, you need to offer something extra to stay ahead of the game. Whereas immortal styles persist, innovative photographers are using new technology to capture the the special day in extraordinary ways. This article explores a few of the foremost exciting advancements transforming wedding photography, from drone photography and video to immersive virtual reality: Taking Flight with Drones Gone are the days of static, ground-level photos. Drone photography offers breathtaking ethereal views, exhibiting the greatness of the setting, clearing landscapes, and capturing the complete guest get-together in a single frame. Imagine an inspiring scene...


Photographer Spain – shooting luxury yachts

Photographer Spain - shooting luxury yachts. Being a photographer on the Costa Blanca certainly has benefits. I got to photograph a beautiful yacht.   Nordhavn Yachts contacted me to photograph one of their yachts which was going to be put on sale. The yacht belonged to a client and was moored in Spain on the Mediterranean. Nordhavn are based in the UK and decided to search for a photographer based in the Costa Blanca in Spain and found my website. This photography assignment is really quite similar to real estate photography. I had to photograph the exterior on all sides, as well as the lounge, cabins and pilothouse. We agreed to wait for a calm sunny day, to accentuate that Mediterranean vibe that you find on the Costa...

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Real Estate Photographer Spain

Photographer Spain - as a real estate photographer, I photograph luxury villas for holiday rental companies and property developers. Being a photographer in Spain, interior photography is made so much easier with the regular sunshine we get. Alicante on the Costa Blanca has one of the best yearly sunshine statistics. I recently photographed loft apartment in Alicante, and my client was really happy with the photos.  I was based in the UK as a photographer for 10 years, and to photograph interiors on overcast wintry days was far more complicated. I had to carry at least two lighting setups as well as make sure I had my camera flash with an extra set of batteries ready. [caption id="attachment_4939" align="alignleft" width="800"] The light in the apartment really...

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Photography and Covid 19

It has been incredibly difficult to do any photography and Covid 19 restrictions limiting almost all aspects of taking pictures. One area of photography that is particularly restricted is event photography. My photography colleagues from all over the world have said that they have instantly seen their incomes completely disappear. Fortunately for me I am not only a photographer, I also work as a photo editor and having this as a service I offer has helped me through this financially difficult time. The restrictions have slowly been lifted, but I felt that event photography was a long way away from resuming. I was pleasantly surprised to receive a call from the director of the Adda Simfonica enquiring if I could come and take photographs of a concert...