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Real Estate Photographer Spain

Photographer Spain – as a real estate photographer, I photograph luxury villas for holiday rental companies and property developers. Being a photographer in Spain, interior photography is made so much easier with the regular sunshine we get. Alicante on the Costa Blanca has one of the best yearly sunshine statistics. I recently photographed loft apartment in Alicante, and my client was really happy with the photos.  I was based in the UK as a photographer for 10 years, and to photograph interiors on overcast wintry days was far more complicated. I had to carry at least two lighting setups as well as make sure I had my camera flash with an extra set of batteries ready.

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The light in the apartment really helped capture this interior photo
















The only thing to look out for when photographing interiors is the high contrast I might encounter. People forget that the human eye can see highlights and shadows quite easily, but the range is not the same with a digital camera. I usually photograph with my Canon Speedlite

The secret is to point it upwards around 45 degrees, make sure you have the diffuser on and keep the flash power to reasonably low. A big full burst will blow out all the details. Also check to see that your shutter speed is on the recommended setting. Due to how focal-plane shutters work, you will generally only be able to use shutter speeds up to 1/250 second or slower. If your shutter speed is say 1/1000 second only part of the image will be illuminated by the flash, the rest will have a dark shadow line across it. To read more about how to correctly set up you flash read here.

real estate photographer spain

keeping a shallow depth of field and focus on a detail











When doing interior photography, I always include a set of photos that focus on details of the apartment. For me this personalises the photo session and compliments the owner of the property. When I get to the house or apartment, I alway look out for details that stand out and make sure that I include them in the series of photos.

Photographer Spain – a really great location for real estate photography

Working as a photographer in Spain has really made my life a lot easier. Last year I had a photography assignment in Leeds in the UK, I literally had 3 days to photograph the exterior of ten different buildings before the weather predicted a solid week of heavy rain. I managed to take all of the real estate exterior photos, but rushing from location to to location, gave me less time to focus on creating photos with the “wow factor”.

photographer costa blanca spain
















If you want to see more of my real estate photography, check out my portfilio.



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