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Photographer Spain – shooting luxury yachts

Photographer Spain – shooting luxury yachts. Being a photographer on the Costa Blanca certainly has benefits. I got to photograph a beautiful yacht.



Nordhavn Yachts contacted me to photograph one of their yachts which was going to be put on sale. The yacht belonged to a client and was moored in Spain on the Mediterranean. Nordhavn are based in the UK and decided to search for a photographer based in the Costa Blanca in Spain and found my website.

This photography assignment is really quite similar to real estate photography. I had to photograph the exterior on all sides, as well as the lounge, cabins and pilothouse. We agreed to wait for a calm sunny day, to accentuate that Mediterranean vibe that you find on the Costa Blanca. We also decided to shoot the yacht outside of the harbour. We found a tranquil bay nearby where the sea was really calm with no swell moving the yacht.

Armed with my camera and a few lenses, I jumped into a dinghy and photographed all sides of the yacht from the sea.


Photographer Spain

Being a photographer on the Costa Blanca has its challenges. Especially shooting outside. When looking at the 2 photos, it would seem that they were taken on different days. When moving around the yacht, the light had changed. From that deep summer blue, to a more hazy grey. This happens when you shoot into the sun. The most important aspect of photographing the yacht was the colour of the yacht. For the second photo I set the exposure on the hull to sacrifice the Mediterranean sky and sea. It would not have been very professional to have given the yacht a different tone.

The interior of the yacht was much easier to photograph. To reduce the contrast the blinds were closed. This replicated a ‘soft box’ type of lighting.

I also always like to include some abstract details. I really liked the blue sky and the white hull of the yacht. This luxury yacht was listed for sale here.

As a Costa Blanca photographer, I have had quite varied photographic assignments this summer. Follow my blog  to find out more about being a photographer based in Spain, and the type of assignments clients are looking for.


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