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photography and covid

Photography and Covid 19

It has been incredibly difficult to do any photography and Covid 19 restrictions limiting almost all aspects of taking pictures. One area of photography that is particularly restricted is event photography. My photography colleagues from all over the world have said that they have instantly seen their incomes completely disappear. Fortunately for me I am not only a photographer, I also work as a photo editor and having this as a service I offer has helped me through this financially difficult time. The restrictions have slowly been lifted, but I felt that event photography was a long way away from resuming. I was pleasantly surprised to receive a call from the director of the Adda Simfonica enquiring if I could come and take photographs of a concert...


Event Photography – photographing Michael Nyman

Event photography at its best. It was a real pleasure to be invited to photograph and create a visual archive of the recording sessions of Symphony # 2 and 5. Composed by the academy award winning Michael Nyman. Photographing the recording process was a real inspiration for me, shooting everything from the sound engineers, to the meetings between the musicians and Michael Nyman. I also had the privilege to be invited to photograph the premiere of his new symphonies.  The World Orchestra conducted by Josep Vicent managed to record these two symphonies in record time. Recently Charles Padley, the record label manger contacted me for permission to use eight of my photographs for the album: Michael Nyman Symphonies. Of course I gave permission and got a...