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costa blanca music video production services

Costa Blanca music video production

Costa Blanca music video production It has been quite a while since I produced a music video here on the Costa Blanca. This summer I was contacted by a German singer Clara Aura. Clara was coming to the Costa Blanca to shoot her latest music video. Her plan was to shoot her video in a summer Mediterranean location. She wanted to know more about the music video productions that I had done on the Costa Blanca. As I currently don't have any on my portfolio, I showed her a Youtube video of the most recent music video production I had done. It was for Victoria Maldi and was filmed on the beach in Altea on the Costa Blanca. Fortunately for me, Clara liked the style and...

racism at work

Black lives matter, racism at work

Black lives matter, racism at work is particularly terrible as many won't speak up for fear of losing their jobs. This racist attitude is not only aimed at the black community but at many ethnic minorities. Anybody who is racially abused deserves to be protected or at least have a voice to speak out about this injustice. This has recently come into the headlines, with the terrible events in the USA and the black lives matter protests that are taking place all around the world. I started my career as a dental technician but my heart was never really in it. I had studied photography in London and around 2004, I quit my job to fulfil my dream of becoming a photographer and video producer. My...


Aerial Video now an affordable reality

Until very recently, aerial video production was only available to big budget productions and large companies. The compact quadcopter started a revolution in aerial creativity and remains the top choice for production companies, video and photographic specialists worldwide. You can now have a photographic or video production, which is comparable to the quality commercials seen on prime time television. Video Production; Altea Golf Club This is a promotional video I did for Altea Golf Club my first ever drone video production. Feel free to contact me if you have and aerial video you would like produced....