Mediterranean Magic: Tie the Knot In Altea on the Costa Blanca, Spain

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Mediterranean Magic: Tie the Knot In Altea on the Costa Blanca, Spain

Mediterranean Magic: Tie the Knot In Altea on the Costa Blanca, Spain.


Altea on the Costa Blanca is a great wedding destination


Known for its stunning beaches and long sunny summer days that never seem to come to an end. Altea provides a variety of interesting elements not only for seasonal tourists but also for couples who are planning to tie the knot. Through the years, this historic town the Mediterranean has been blossoming as more and more people are discovering and unfolding the beauty that it offers. If you and your partner are starting to think about a great venue for exchanging your vows, you should consider taking your destination wedding in Altea on the Costa Blanca.

You might be thinking, “The name Altea rings a bell, I have heard it somewhere” – you are not wrong. SEAT, the car manufacturer named one of its cars after this stunning historic white fishing village. With its striking landscapes and historical architecture, this coastline offers a wide variety of picture-worthy backdrops for saying “I Do”. This part of the Costa Blanca has more than just beaches. It has an alluring historic old town comparable to Ibiza, evocative fortresses in Guadalest, stunning mountains (Sierra Bernia), there are also many historic churches and really quaint places where you can tie the knot.

There are also a large variety of locations that can make a wedding memorable, from the old town in Altea, the tranquil beaches of La Olla or if you want something more lively there are numerous venues in stunning locations that cater specifically for weddings. Owing to these factors, Altea and the surrounds is surely a great option for couples who want a bigger room for flexibility when choosing their wedding venue.

If you need a hand with your decision-making, here are some reasons why you should consider Altea and the Costa Blanca as a wedding destination.

Mediterranean Magic: Tie the Knot In Altea on the Costa Blanca, Spain 1

  1. Sunset Ceremony

It might be the sign of the daylight’s end, but the sunset is certainly the best time to start a new life with your lifelong companion. Known as the most romantic part of the day, the golden colours of the setting sun will make your wedding a captivating sight to behold. To make it more magical, there are many locations right on the beach, so that the beautiful sunsets turn the sea into stunning gold and pink tones. When you’re exchanging vows and speaking words of love while the sun slowly dives into the Mediterranean Sea, unforgettable memories like this will forever be imprinted in your mind. Don’t forget to hire someone like me, a professional photographer to capture these unforgettable moments, okay?

wedding location

Sunset on the Mediterranean


  1. Private Villas

Sometimes, couples prefer an intimate wedding celebration which only includes guests who are close to their hearts. If an intimate wedding resonates with you and your partner, you might want to consider renting one of the many stunning private villas that Altea and around have to offer. I am in direct contact with many private owners of truly stunning villas, as well as an exclusive villa rental company based in Altea with a large portfolio of properties to choose from. With captivating amenities like infinity pools, botanical gardens, Mediterranean views, and isolated seafronts, these villas will provide you with several wonderful backdrops for celebrating love and creating lifelong memories.

getting married on the mediterranean

Luxury villas in Altea can provide a really intimate wedding location


  1. Unique Locations

For a take on the local tradition, Altea has some stunning and unique venues. For example there is a tiny little harbour in La Olla, Altea which has a restaurant that can offer a truly unique wedding location. Imagine celebrating your special day literally less than 2 metres from the sea, at the end of the harbour in a stunning tavern. You are blessed with amazing views of the bay, on the water’s edge. Another unique location option are the various beach tavernas – locally known as chiringuito’s. These are situated right on the water’s edge. Your guests will surely be impressed with the magical atmosphere of your ceremony and reception area.

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Get married right on the beach in Altea

  1. Mediterranean Cuisine

Considered as one of the best diets in the world, Altea and the Mediterranean cuisine will not disappoint you with its mouthwatering selection of dishes. The fresh ingredients together with the use of greens and wild herbs produce the uniqueness of its flavours. And oh, don’t forget Spain’s liquid gold, the olive oil, which serves as the trademark of Mediterranean cuisine. Keeping up with new trends, there is obviously an option to go completely vegan and organic if that is your preferred option. The chefs and caterers can suggest several menus that you might want to incorporate in your wedding banquet, but their creativity can be extended to your desired menu.


Altea on the Costa Blanca provides really unique locations to get married

  1. Get everything from Altea on the Costa Blanca

Everything you need for your wedding is already here. The shopping in the old town of Altea in this Mediterranean village will provide you access for finding what you’re looking for. Therefore, extra heavy luggage from home is deemed unnecessary. You just have to prepare yourselves, get hold of me and I can help you with all your logistics, from an event planner, locations and basically everything that will make your wedding one that you will never forget!


Altea boasts a stunning old town



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