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Retouching Do’s and Don’ts for Wedding Photographers

Retouching Do's and Don'ts for Wedding Photographers Welcome to the enchanting world of wedding photography, where the delicate dance between raw moments and refined memories unfolds, often beneath the gentle sway of bridal veils. Introduction: Capturing Timeless Memories As I have mentioned before, I am not only a photographer, but I am also a photo editor and my speciality is wedding photo editing. In this realm, the art of retouching emerges as a transformative force, turning fleeting instances into cherished keepsakes. This comprehensive guide dives into the intricacies of "Retouching Dos and Don'ts for Wedding Photographers," navigating the fine line between enhancement and over-editing. From foundational principles to advanced techniques, join us on a journey that encapsulates both the artistry crucial for wedding photography and the authenticity essential...


Professional Wedding Photography – All You Need To Know

Professional wedding photography is how people with a lot of money spoil themselves during the happiest time of their life. Platforms like Instagram and Pinterest showcase quality, professional wedding photography. This type of quality photography is becoming more common – even to those who can’t afford the price tag. We see luxury elements getting added to weddings all the time now. Why is Bespoke Professional Wedding Photography Different? Professional wedding photography is all about the style of the photos that are taken to capture the moment and the tools being used to create those powerful shots. There are several different styles, but candid photography seems to be the most popular method right now. Bespoke photography is designed to make the happy couple feel like royalty! This is achieved...