How to use video to promote your business

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How to use video to promote your business

I will talk about how to use video to promote your business. A professional video production can help optimising your website for search engines, and increase sales or bookings. I was contacted by Marnes – a luxury wellness clinic on the Costa Blanca in Spain to create a promotional video to be used on Youtube and on their website. Bookings had been in decline because of the Covid 19 restrictions, and they were looking to use a video production to reach more potential clients.

This is not the first time I have been contracted by a company that wants to use video to promote their business. I find this type of video production really rewarding as I need to ensure the video I create is going to help promote the business.

This is the completed video production.

Even though I am really pleased with the video. I personally feel that Marnes could have reached a lot more potential clients, had they taken my advice on all aspects of advertising their business, especially their website seo. For example this video has been inserted in a sub page of the website. I personally feel their homepage does not do justice to the stunning location that they are in, and had suggested inserting the video, or a shorter and optimised video as a banner on the homepage.

How to use video to promote your business

How to use video to promote your businessEven if you have created a great video for marketing your business, it is important to understand that there is more to just uploading the video if you want to you reach as many potential clients as possible:

Has your website been SEO optimised? If so, the video when uploaded needs to have similar keywords used in the description and tags. This will ensure that the target audience the website has been created and SEO optimised for, will be similar to the uploaded video. If you upload a video without a description or tags, it will be so much harder for people to find the video.

What social media will you use to promote your business and video production to drive customers to use your services? With a small promotion on Facebook or one of the many social media channels, this would be significantly increase your reach.

Add a share button to your video. Have you included a share link or button? We’re all keenly aware of how powerful social media is. In fact, you likely start and end your day browsing one one of those. So that is why you need to ensure your video can be easily shared on these platforms.

If you look at my Youtube Channel you can see the url has been customised to include my name. You will not believe how many channels are out there, that have not been customised, and to be frank, look really dull and uninteresting.


I have spoken at length on how to use video to promote your business. And I have also briefly touched on optimising your website for search engines (SEO). A website is essentially your shop front or business card. This is even more relevant now, with the restrictions that are in place because of the Covid 19 pandemic. So the next time you want to create a video to promote your business, I also recommend that you make sure that your website is working properly, and is also promoting your business with all the essential SEO in place.

I am also a web developer and can help with integrating a well optimised website with an affordable video production which will really help promote your business in these complicated times.


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