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my-blogKeep up to date with all my latest posts. I will be regularly updating my photography news as well as my video blog. Get in touch if you have any comments, you wish to contribute to my blog or have any photographic or video queries.


Mediterranean Magic: Tie the Knot In Altea on the Costa Blanca, Spain

Mediterranean Magic: Tie the Knot In Altea on the Costa Blanca, Spain. [caption id="attachment_4382" align="aligncenter" width="800"] Altea on the Costa Blanca is a great wedding destination[/caption]  Known for its stunning beaches and long sunny summer days that never seem to come to an end. Altea provides a variety of interesting elements not only for seasonal tourists but also for couples who are planning to tie the knot. Through the years, this historic town the Mediterranean has been blossoming as more and more people are discovering and unfolding the beauty that it offers. If you and your partner are starting to think about a great venue for exchanging your vows, you should consider taking your destination wedding in Altea on the Costa Blanca. You might be thinking, “The name...

Professional Wedding Photography - All You Need To Know 3

Professional Wedding Photography – All You Need To Know

[caption id="attachment_4343" align="aligncenter" width="800"] I am a wedding photographer based in Spain on The Costa Blanca[/caption]Professional wedding photography is how people with a lot of money spoil themselves during the happiest time of their life. Platforms like Instagram and Pinterest showcase quality, professional wedding photography. This type of quality photography is becoming more common – even to those who can’t afford the price tag. We see luxury elements getting added to weddings all the time now. Why is Bespoke Professional Wedding Photography Different? Professional wedding photography is all about the style of the photos that are taken to capture the moment and the tools being used to create those powerful shots. There are several different styles, but candid photography seems to be the most popular method right...

Aerial Video now an affordable reality 4

Aerial Video now an affordable reality

Until very recently, aerial video production was only available to big budget productions and large companies. The compact quadcopter started a revolution in aerial creativity and remains the top choice for production companies, video and photographic specialists worldwide. You can now have a photographic or video production, which is comparable to the quality commercials seen on prime time television.Video Production; Altea Golf Club This is a promotional video I did for Altea Golf Club my first ever drone video production. Feel free to contact me if you have and aerial video you would like produced....

shark documentary

Shark Documentary

My documentary: "Shark Central" is a shark documentary, which I wrote, directed and produced without any funding or support. The documentary is about the sudden surge in Great White Shark attacks in False Bay, South Africa that started around 2003. The documentary focuses on the Great White Shark, the local community and the impact these attacks have had on their livelihood (the ocean), and more importantly the consequences to this already threatened species. As you know: the Great White Shark is under threat of extinction through hunting, depletion of its food stocks and as a consequence of the rise in attacks, the unnecessary hunting and culling (which is taking place at this moment in Australia) of this magnificent species.Shark Central Promo by chris ganser I have completed the...